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Liz Clayton Fuller | Natural Science Illustration

Yeehaw Variety Pack | Postcards

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Whoa there partner! There are five whole cowpokes in this postcard pack, think you can handle all that yeehaw? We've got the Bandana Nuthatch, Hummingboot Goofin', Chickadee Walkin' after Midnight, Can o' Beans Woodpecker, and the Rootin' Tootin' Timberdoodle. With this variety pack you can take home the whole hee-haw gang!


This postcards are all a standard 4x6" (or 6x4) size and can easily be framed and used as a print!

- each printed on matte, writable paper

- the paper is 100% recycled

- cards are 4x6" or 6x4"