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Liz Clayton Fuller | Natural Science Illustration

Tattoo Ticket!

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Tattoo Tickets are here, y'all!!!

Thank you so much for considering getting a tattoo of my artwork! I put so much heart into the creation of my art and it means the world to me that you love it as much as I do.

This pass is not for a custom tattoo commission, this gives you a pass for *one* existing piece of art from my website, Instagram, or twitter (excluding commissioned work! please reach out if you are unsure)! Purchasing this item instantly gives you a digital download that you can print out and take to your tattoo artist to show that consent has been given for a tattoo of my work. This pass is a one-time use, so please purchase a pass for each artwork you’d like to get tattooed.


Here’s how this works: you choose a piece of my art from my website, Instagram, or twitter (excluding commissioned work)! Then, purchase this Tattoo Ticket digital download, print the form, and fill in your name and the title of the art. Then take a screenshot of the piece you’d like to get tattooed or email me from my website to request a screenshot! Print out the screenshot along with the tattoo ticket, head to your tattoo artist, and get that tattoo!



If you feel like sharing, I’d LOVE to see your tattoo! Please tag me on Instagram or twitter @ipaintbirbs or send me an email at