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Liz Clayton Fuller | Natural Science Illustration

Oops! Misprint MYSTERY Pack!

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It is finally here y'all! A mystery set of FOUR slightly goofed giclee prints! The photos you see here are merely examples of mystery packs, not representations of exactly what you will receive! See below for details! 

In this pack you will receive:

- a mystery 8x8" giclee print
- a mystery 5x7" giclee print
- a mystery 4x6" giclee print
- a mystery 3x4" giclee print

86 dollars worth of slightly imperfect art becomes: 40! If you are bad at math like I am, that is $46 off!!!

The imperfections are mostly size / trimming based: on a lot of the prints the margins were cut too small by my printer - perfect for a mat, custom frame, pin on the wall, or to stick on the fridge! Some imperfections are little scratches or tiny missing spots of color, or specks of color in the white border area, some have a slightly dinged corner. Honestly these prints ain’t bad y’all!

**For clarity: all prints in these packs will have slight imperfections in the printing, cropping, or little dinged edges. By purchasing the pack from this listing, you acknowledge that you are buying an imperfect item! I promise they are not too dinged up though, I’m super fussy about quality and just can’t list them as standard prints!**