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Liz Clayton Fuller Natural Science Illustration

Camp Birb | Recycled Paper Print

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Welcome to CAMP BIRB! All these birds are having a lovely summer at Camp, doing all sorts of arts, crafts, activities, and of course making best friends for life.

This recycled paper print fetures a Hummingbird reading in the sleeping bag, a Nuthatch and Red-winged Blackbird doing crafts together, a Cardinal on a hike, a Carolina Wren warming themselves by the fire, a Great Blue Heron gone fishin', a canoe full of a Kingfisher, House Finch, Chickadee, Bluebird, and camp counselor Red-bellied Woodpecker, an archery Kestrel, and a Crow snoozing in their tent.

This print is 5x7" with rounded corners, printed on recycled paper.