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Liz Clayton Fuller | Natural Science Illustration

Birding is for Everybody | Birdability

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This sticker is a collaboration with Birdability, an organization dedicated to sharing the joys of birding with people who have disabilities and to ensure birding is accessible for everybody.

For Birdability week 2021: " Whether you have an access challenge or not; whether you're a birder or you're about to become one, we hope you'll join us in amplifying the experiences of birders with disabilities and other health concerns, celebrating the diversity of disability, and learning more about accessible birding locations and being welcoming and inclusive of every body!"

This durable, waterproof, and UV protected sticker measures 4.75" x 3.25". This sticker features many birds, the white-breasted nuthatch, peregrine falcon, vermillion flycatcher, carolina wren, cedar waxwing, great blue heron, american crow, pileated woodpecker, blue-winged warbler, mallard duck, anna's hummingbird, and a house finch!

50% of proceeds from each sticker sold will be donated directly to Birdability. Find and follow their work at: and !