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Liz Clayton Fuller | Natural Science Illustration

Backyard Birds of Tennessee Notecard Three Pack

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Bring a little bit of Tennessee to you!

The Backyard Birds of Tennessee cards feature three identical cards showing 20 of the common backyard birds that can be found in my home state of Tennessee. The cards are numbered on the front and have the names of each bird on the back.

They show a Bluebird, Cardinal, Nuthatch, House Finch, Red-tailed Hawk, Carolina Chickadee, Carolina wren, Goldfinch, Great Blue Heron, Tufted Titmouse, Mourning Dove, Turkey Vulture, American Robin, Northern Mockingbird, Purple Martin, Brown Thrasher, Blue Jay, Red-bellied Woodpecker, and a Turkey.

- blank inside!

- printed on 100% recycled paper and come with kraft paper envelopes

- cards are 4.25" wide and 5.5" tall.